The results are in! We surveyed hundred's of school professionals to learn about their approach to student accountability, their priorities, strategies, challenges, technology and much more! 

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The majority of school professionals surveyed (89.52%) agree that student accountability should be a top priority for schools today.

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  • Emergency Preparedness. How effective do schools think they are at using data to prepare for emergencies?

  • Deep Dive. What tools and strategies do high performers use? 

  • Challenges. What are the biggest challenges schools face with their student accountability efforts?

  • Views on the future. Where do schools think the future of student safety and accountability are heading?
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Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of threats, tragedies and incidents that have sparked rapidly increasing pressure for schools to do better. According to a report by, 90% of parents say that they want their school to take extra steps to ensure their children’s safety. 

Just like tracking packages ordered from Amazon, parents and schools alike, need to know that their children are safe when they’re moving in-and-around campus.

The concept of student accountability involves managing and overseeing the flow of students throughout the day. It involves tracking attendance, signing students in and out from different locations, getting permissions for off-campus activities, monitoring pastoral and behavioural patterns and much more. When done effectively, schools can significantly enhance their security capabilities and demonstrate their duty of care to let families know they are serious about the safety of their children. 

Our inaugural 2018 State of Student Accountability Report, is based on survey responses from hundred's of school professionals around the world. It includes powerful, new data about how they approach student accountability, the results of their efforts, as well as identifying challenges, opportunities and views on the future of school safety.

What is Student Accountability?

What Is Covered In This Report?

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Student Accountability Is A Top Priority

  • Strategy and process. How are schools keeping track of their students? What tools are they using? What kind of activities are they keeping track of?

  • Administrative efficiency. How efficient do schools consider their administrative processes to be? What effect does ease-of-use have on the quality of student records?

  • Data quality and integrity. How confident are schools in the quality of their attendance and accountability records?

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