Proposal Starter Kit

Trying to convince your school board to use boarding management software can be tough. That's why we put together this starter kit, packed with templates, checklists and resources to help you build your own proposal and get the green light.

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What does this bundle include?

- Proposal Planner: Use this interactive document to consolidate all your important facts and information needed to build a convincing presentation for your school board. 

- Interactive ROI Spreadsheet: Use this document to calculate the potential savings you could have with Boardingware. Your finance manager will love you for this. 

- Feature Checklist: A complete list of every feature in Boardingware. Perfect for your IT department. 

- Functionality Assessment Template: This template will help you to organise your list of requirements and properly evaluate each one. 

- Objection cheat sheet: Filled with answers to our frequently asked questions, this sheet will help you to prepare for any objections, hesitations or concerns that your board throw at you. 

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