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Feature and Functionality Template

BONUS: Boardingware's complete feature checklist

Software will only improve your boarding practices if you emphasise functionality over features.

Use this template to build your own list of requirements and accurately evaluate every feature to make sure you choose a software solution that will actually provide you and your school with real value.

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- List out all the requirements and functionality you need to solve your existing problems/challenges in boarding. Then organise them in order of priority to figure out exactly what features will be able to provide you with the most value.

- Test and analyse each feature in 4 key areas of performance (Efficiency, depth, usability, learning curve)

- Perform a fair comparative analysis of different boarding management systems to give you a clear understanding of which system will be able to provide you with the most value.

- Organise all this information in a single document that you can share with other staff members (ie. IT, Business managers, Director of Boarding etc) to communicate which features will be able to provide your boarding school with the most value. 

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